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Organising a family holiday is not an easy task, and I want to help you make it easier and smoother, so you can focus on enjoying the time with your tribe. I organise travels for families all over the world. I have myself travelled to many places with and without children (read here). My recommendations are first based on you, then on personal experience, professional knowledge, my network and my research. 

Why Responsible Travels for Families? 

As travellers, we vote with our feet and can have an impact on the environment, populations and their livelihood. As such, as a travel designer, I want to contribute the best I can. We need to minimise the negative impact of our travels and focus on the positive impact we can all have.


I will therefore recommend

* destinations that do not suffer from over-tourism

* accommodations that have sustainability policies  

* activities that contribute directly to individuals 

* transfers and itineraries that minimise the impact on the environment


How do I work? 

I do take no commission from hotels or any service providers. I will pass on any discount I can negotiate for you.

This allows me to remain 100% objective and choose accommodations because I truly believe it is the perfect match for you (not because I can make extra money). 


I tend not to reserve flights. Anyone can do that. I will however recommend the best one and will let you do the rest. 

Tell me your story

After an initial conversation, I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to get to know you and your family. I want to understand the aim of your trip, and what everyone likes doing. 

Step 1

I research

Let me take away all the hard work. Depending on the brief, I will research destinations, the best ways of getting there, accommodations, activities, transfers, full itinerary ...anything you need! 

Step 2


I will make a few suggestions for us to discuss. For each, I will detail the possibilities, give you a mood board and some additional tips.  

Step 3

Pack your bags! 

When you agree with the plan, depending on the brief, I will make reservations and bookings necessary. I will deliver a full travel booklet with all the details of your trip. Sit back, and enjoy your family adventure! 

Step 4


If you are looking for a perfect and well arranged stay, but don’t have the time or expertise to do the perfect search, than Unique Travels is the place to go! 
Due to Corona, we decided with the family to drive this year to our house in the South of France and thus needed a place to sleep, eat and relax on the long way there. Marta found us some beautiful places just a short drive a way from the main road, making sure we didn’t loose too much time. Upon arrival everything was arranged for us from the dinner, to the baby bed and chair and she even negotiated a good rate upon check out.

The only thing we had to do was enjoy our holiday!



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